The idea behind the regular series of public listening events at the British Library is to listen, in a shared space, to archival recordings of some of the most important, innovative and exciting BBC Radio programmes from the mid-twentieth century onwards. After listening to these works together in a characteristic low-light setting, the lights come up, sparking informal, engaged discussion about the continuing relevance and significance of these fascinating works for contemporary audiences.

The events, which take place in the Foyle Suite of the British Library, are curated by by Professor Hugh Chignell of Bournemouth University and Dr Amanda Wrigley of the University of Westminster. They are brought to life through collaboration with Rosanna Arbon and Nina Garthwaite of In the Dark, and with the crucial support of British Library curator Paul Wilson and valuable assistance of Kate Murphy of Bournemouth University.

In October 2015 our next series, on the topic of ‘Inner Voices…Inner Worlds’, curated by Hugh Chignell, offers the following listening events: 

In 2016, the series ‘Louis MacNeice, Radio Writer and Producer’ will be curated by Amanda Wrigley. Following that, there will be a series of events featuring the work of Giles Cooper.